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Wood Ceilings

Creating Bright and Welcoming Spaces with Wood Ceilings

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When exploring the use of wood within a commercial office space, wood is commonly thought of for use in doors, tables and cabinets.  One area that this material is almost never thought of for is the ceiling. When designing an office space that is both unique and inviting, updating the ceiling, especially with wood, can…

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Using Wood Ceilings in Minimal and Open Office Designs

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The ideal modern office space is one that offers minimal distractions for productive employees, but has an open plan that still feels warm and inviting. This can be challenging to achieve, but a well thought out interior design plan can balance all of these elements. One area of any office design that often gets overlooked is the ceiling, yet this can be one of the most important parts of pulling together the overall aesthetics of any office. A wood ceiling is not usually the first material thought of in office design, but it can be one of the most creative, adaptable, and functional choices for a minimal and open office feel.

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Prevent the Fishbowl: Open Office Plans, Creating Office Zones

Oh the buzz term “Open Office Plan”, while a great concept, it can often turn into an owner and employee nightmare. The idea of improving collaboration by sitting close to your colleagues makes sense. Often times however, this can be taken very literally and create a “fishbowl” environment without specific areas for privacy, brainstorming and a break.

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