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Why You Should Soundproof Your Apartment’s Nursery (And How to Do it!)

sound absorption

If you have a new baby and live in an apartment, you know how hard it is to try and keep your surrounding neighbors happy. While this may be hard to do with a screaming child, there are some ways to reduce sound.

Hopefully, your neighbors were nice to you before you brought your bundle of joy home. You want to maintain your peace with them by allowing them to sleep at night. But unfortunately, your walls probably won’t do the trick of keeping your child’s cries out of their apartment. Surfaces partially hinder sound waves going from one room to another. The 1% Rule states that for every 1% of opening or unobstructed area of a surface, 50% of the sound will make it through. To keep the noise muffled, make sure your baby’s nursery is full of padding. Hang up pictures, bring in furniture, and place stuffed animals around the room as a form of padding. The things on the walls will help muffle the noise so the apartment next door will not be able to clearly hear your child cry at 3:30 a.m.

Another way to create sound absorption is to lay carpeting down in your nursery. This will definitely help if your room has hardwood flooring. Purchase an inexpensive wool rug from a home goods store or online. Wool does a better job than cotton with sound absorption, and tufted rugs do better than flat-woven rugs. Make sure the rug can cover most of the floor to get the most out of your sound reduction trick.

If none of these tricks seem to be working and your neighbors are getting angry, speak with your landlord about what you can do in terms of soundproofing installation. Explain your situation and tell them that you don’t want to move elsewhere. Do some research and find some soundproofing wall panels or acoustical ceiling tiles options for your landlord to choose from. Giving them some options and explaining why it would be a valuable purchase can easily encourage them to install the soundproofing.

Keeping your neighbors happy is key when you bring home a new baby. To do this, you need to make sure that your child’s cries stay out of their apartment. Hang pictures on your nursery’s walls, lay down carpeting, and talk to your landlord about installing soundproof panels.