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Product Highlight: Pinta Acoustics, Leader in Absorption and Aesthetic

soundproofing wall panels

Did you know that exposure to loud noises for a prolonged period of time puts your hearing at risk? The exact cut off is 85 decibels. To put that in context, 75 decibels is what you would expect at a restaurant around lunch time, 90 is typical of a violin playing. That means that you are likely exposed to more noise than you should be, much more often than you realize.

If you own a space that tends to amplify noises, then it is likely a good idea to consider purchasing soundproofing wall panels to help mitigate the risk to those who occupy that space. While there are a number of options, the very best is Pinta Acoustics.

This blog is designed to empower business owners to protect the hearing of their employees, guests, friends, and families — whoever might be at risk — without sacrificing the aesthetic of their space using Pinta Acoustic products.

    1. Design Flexibility
      Pinta acoustics offers a wide range of designs and colors that mean that you don’t have to worry about trying to disguise your soundproof ceiling or acoustic wall covering. In fact, these products are so customizable that you can actually utilize them as a design element, enhancing the unique aesthetic of your space.For that reason, Pinta Acoustics is the perfect solution for restaurants, hotels, and other highly atmospheric locations where sound insulation panels might otherwise be considered a detriment.


    1. Extreme Absorption
      Pinta Acoustics are extremely highly rated. Their products all range between a .75 and 1.05 on the Noise Reduction Coefficient scale. That means that absolutely no noise is being reflected off of many of their panels. That makes these products perfect for places that produce the very most noise, such as factories.


    1. Quick Turn Around
      All products are produced and available within two weeks. That means no long waits when trying to protect those in your building from the harmful effects of too much noise.


  1. America Manufactured
    As an added benefit, you are able to support American manufacturing when you purchase a Pinta Acoustics product, as they are manufactured in Minnesota.

When you are looking for the very best in acoustic ceiling tiles, soundproofing wall panels, and other sound absorbing product, you can do no better than Pinta Acoustics products. They offer the best in absorption and aesthetics.