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Product Highlight: All About Marlite FRP Panels

soundproofing a room

You may be familiar with the standard wall paneling that helps reduce noise levels in businesses across the country. Noise at a level of 85 decibels and beyond for an extended period of time puts you at risk for hearing loss, so many companies tend to use sound insulation panels to protect employees.


But have you ever walked into fitness center or convenience store and saw tiled wall paneling? That wall paneling isn’t just there for decoration, it actually serves a similar purpose.


The wall paneling you see is actually called Marlite FRP panels. Marlite FRP panels are used to withstand high wear while also appealing to the eye. At one time, The uses for Marlite FRP panels were formerly reserved for restrooms and kitchens, but now you can now find them in classrooms, offices, hospital rooms, and dining rooms. Unlike most acoustical materials, these sound dampening wall panels can actually enhance the design of the room they are placed in.


Marlite wall panels used to be just standard colored tiles. However, there are now many other options of styles, colors, and design for one to choose from. Some available design options include abstract and wood grain patterns, photo and graphic patterns, and classic colors. The finish for the colored patterns can be either smooth or pebbled, which could allow for a different decor feeling. If you want to customize your sound wall panels, your choices are actually limitless. That means no matter the interior design of your space, you can purchase acoustical wall panels that will blend right in.


As for installation of the product itself, Marlite wall panels are super easy to apply to a wall. They also take less time to apply as compared to the installation time of ceramic tile. The wall panels can be easily cut to fit the space you’re trying to work with. After you’ve gotten your desired size and shape, apply Marlite glue to the back of each panel and also the sub wall. You can then place the panel directly onto the wall.


If you choose to install a tile-looking wall panel, you’ll also have to install a seam joint. To do this, you need to place a 6 penny spacing nail between each of the panels you have applied. Once the glue has dried, which usually takes about an hour, you can remove the nail and protect the tile with painter’s tape. Finally, insert a thin strip of harmonizing sealant into the gap you’ve created and press your finger onto it to create a slight gap. As soon as you do these things, you will need to remove the tape and voila! There’s you’re tile-looking Marlite wall panel!


Marlite wall panels are perfect for dining rooms, kitchens, patient rooms, classrooms, lecture halls, commercial offices, restaurants, and so many other spaces. The next time you see these panels, you’ll now know exactly what they’re used for.


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