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Product Highlight: Introducing Our New Line of EzoBoard

soundproofing walls

For many schools, businesses, workspaces, and offices, having a source of sound absorption on walls can be very important for productivity and focus. It’s also an important piece of equipment that can aid in protecting employee’s and student’s hearing. About 15% of Americans, or 26 million people between the ages of 20 and 69, have high-frequency hearing loss as a result of work noises and leisurely activity noises.

A unique type of acoustic paneling used to decrease sound is ezoBoard. What makes ezoBoard soundproofing walls unique is the fact that it is made with recycled water bottles. Not only that, but these eco-friendly acoustical products are easy to install, decorative, and flexible. Let’s take a little more of an in-depth look at what ezoBoard can offer.

Inexpensive Option
Unlike many other soundproofing wall options, ezoBoard uses few materials during manufacturing. It also uses less material during production. Since there are not a lot of materials used during the production and manufacturing process, the need for excessive labor is reduced. Ultimately, these leads to lower costs for you.

Sustainable Choice
Since the ezoBoard soundproof wall panels are made of recycled water bottles, the end product is also highly recyclable. In fact, 42% of the soundproofing walls panels are made from PET water bottles. This is the perfect replacement for standard fabric-covered tiles that are most commonly used. If you want to run an eco-friendly business, using soundproofing wall panels like ezoBoard will help you achieve your goal.

Less Waste Created
EzoBoard is an eco-friendly option for soundproofing walls. During the manufacturing process, there is no need for mixing fabrics and substrates, and structural support isn’t necessary. Once panels of ezoBoard are created, the leftover pieces go through a post-industrial recycling process to safely get rid of the materials in an eco-friendly way.

Each ezoBoard panel is about 9 pounds in weight and sits at 48 inches by 95 and 3/8 inches. These sound wall panels come in a variety of colors from black to orange, so any office or workspace will be able to stay in-line with their decor. EzoBoard sound insulation panels are low VOC and formaldehyde free, so they’re perfect for a space that focuses on being “green.”