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Musicians: How To Soundproof Your Studio, Garage or Practice Room

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As of 2014, roughly 173,300 people worked as musicians. And thanks to the advent of new music technology, that number is significantly increasing.

Now, even people without access to industry insiders can produce high quality, potentially even award-winning music, with just a home studio and the instrument of their choice. Even though it’s easier than ever to produce music, you still have to work extremely hard to get to where you need to go. Although having a musical ear and the skills to play, create, and write your own music is a necessity, there are other things you may need along the way.

Performing space, for example, is essential for any musician. Whether you’re producing music at home or performing in front of a crowd, you need a suitable practice studio. That’s why it’s so important for professional musicians (and aspiring professional musicians) to consider acoustic building products for their home, their studio, and wherever they plan on performing.

Studio Sessions

When you’re recording, whether it’s in a professional studio that you book by the hour or a home studio, the sound obviously matters. If you’re recording and there’s any commotion going on outside your studio, you’re going to hear it on the final recording — and so will your listeners. Even if it’s relatively quiet outside your studio, if you didn’t use the proper acoustic building products, like acoustic wall covering, acoustic ceiling panels, and soundproof wall panels, then the sound quality will be garbage. You’ll be missing out on creating the best possible musical product.

Practice Spaces

The garage, for many young musicians, is where you first go to work out the kinks. Although you hopefully graduate out of the garage, you still need a practice area with solid acoustics.

Fortunately, ArmCom offers a variety of acoustic building products to soundproof any space. This offers two major benefits for practice spaces. First, you need to be able to really hear yourself. The second reason is simply that you don’t want to drive your neighbors crazy.

Throw up some sound insulation panels around your performance space to have a much cleaner sound.

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