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Product Highlight: All About Marlite FRP Panels

Marlite FRP Panels

You may be familiar with the standard wall paneling that helps reduce noise levels in businesses across the country. Noise at a level of 85 decibels and beyond for an extended period of time puts you at risk for hearing loss, so many companies tend to use sound insulation panels to protect employees.   But…

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How Marlite Wall Panels Can Help Create Safer, Quieter Healthcare Facilities

marlite wall panels

For those who run healthcare facilities, patient satisfaction is bound to be high on their list of priorities. That means providing the best experience possible. While providing superior treatment options and employing highly qualified staff members is vital, it’s also incredibly important that the environment within the healthcare facility is conducive to healing. That means…

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Beginner’s Guide to Marlite Wall Products

Offering an extensive line of prettifying, premium wall and other specialty products for commercial buildings, Marlite Wall Products promises to always provide high-quality products while providing outstanding customer service, value, and reliability. With an array of fancy yet functional options, Marlite seeks to bring their customers products that enhance the aesthetic value while also providing…

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Affordable Modern Design Using High Pressure Laminate

Marlite: A Budget-Friendly High Pressure Laminate Decorating Solution If you’re looking for long lasting, inexpensive, easy-to-install wall panels, look no farther than Marlite.  This lightweight material is a form of plastic that has been reinforced with fiberglass.  Marlite is very popular with businesses looking for a durable material that can take on a variety of…

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Channeling Office Sounds with Acoustical Baffles

When a client walks into your office, you should be in control of the message they receive. But if your office isn’t soundproofed, your patrons may be bombarded with a cacophony of unwanted noise. This comes across as unprofessional, and it makes it harder for the client to focus on what you have to offer.…

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Make Your Office More Welcoming with Marlite Walls

marlite walls installation

Let’s face it; first impressions really do set the tone for what’s next to come.  Your office is just as important — if not even more so — than your home because it is the office where potential clients decide on whether or not they will want to do business with you. Beyond that, an…

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