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How Marlite Wall Panels Can Help Create Safer, Quieter Healthcare Facilities

marlite wall panels

For those who run healthcare facilities, patient satisfaction is bound to be high on their list of priorities. That means providing the best experience possible. While providing superior treatment options and employing highly qualified staff members is vital, it’s also incredibly important that the environment within the healthcare facility is conducive to healing. That means that the rooms should be quiet, clean, and safe. Having Marlite interior walls can actually help with all three. Let’s take a closer look at just some of the ways that healthcare facilities that can be improved with Marlite wall panels.

Marlite wall panels are durable
Marlite is so much more than decorative laminate; it’s laminate that can stand up to just about anything. Waiting areas, in-patient rooms, hallways, and private offices alike need to be equipped with materials that can withstand almost anything. With so much foot traffic and potentially hazardous conditions, drywall just won’t cut it. Marlite distributors pride themselves on the fact that their products are much more impact-resistant than other options on the market. That’s because they’re made up of several layers, including a fiberglass core, that are thermally bonded together. So whether you need wall coverage in an intensive care unit or simply want more protection in the exam rooms or the lobby, Marlite is a solid (literally!) choice.

Marlite is more sanitary
In healthcare facilities, every little component has to meet strict safety standards — and that includes what’s on the walls. Drywall can easily be damaged in a number of ways, and those holes left behind can actually present a risk of healthcare related infections if mold or bacteria are allowed to grow inside. But not only are Marlite walls much more resistant to damage, but they’re also easy to clean and sanitize. The way these panels are installed and sealed reduces the risk of Healthcare Associated Infections and the products don’t typically contain BPA or PVC. That all means that using these panels in exam rooms, patient rooms, restrooms, and dining areas will keep families safer.

Marlite FRP panels reduce noise
Just having additional surfaces will reduce noise; after all, for every 1% of unobstructed, open area, 50% of sound will permeate. But Marlite wall panels, in particular, can help make facilities much quieter and calmer. Noise pollution in an average office can be disruptive, but in a healthcare center, that extra noise from machines, patients, and family members can range from mildly annoying to downright scary for some people. Going to the doctor’s office or hospital will likely never be pleasant, but by absorbing those noises with Marlite, you can improve the visitor experience immensely.

Some business owners don’t give a lot of thought to the materials on (or in) their walls, but they can actually make a huge difference. To find out more about how our Marlite and soundproof wall panels may be able to help improve your company’s operations, get in touch with us today.