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Interesting Facts About Sound and Soundproofing

sound blocking panels

Sound blocking panels might be used for a recording studio, in a classroom, in hospitals, or in homes. While we all might know the basics of soundproofing, there are so many random facts about sound and soundproofing you may have never thought about before.

First, exposure to any sound louder than 85 decibels for a prolonged period of time can hurt your hearing. It might even cause someone to go deaf. This is one of the major reasons that soundproof wall panels are important. They can potentially save someone from needing hearing aids or major hearing-related surgery.

Another interesting fact about sound is related to electric cars. Electric cars are virtually silent, which means they’re nearly undetectable to human ears. A person might not hear the car approaching and could be seriously injured if they’re crossing the street or not paying attention in a parking lot. These cars are now required to come with a special sound device so pedestrians can hear them as they approach.

Did you know that classical music has been said to stop crime? Classical music has long been used to calm people, and now many countries around the world are starting to experiment with that potential. Many radio stations in those countries have reported that by playing the music, they’re able to bring the crime rate down. They also found that any antisocial behavior has also gone down, which may prove supremely helpful in the future.

There are so many facts about sound, sound blocking panels, and soundproofing wall panels that you may not have even realized. Take a look at the facts listed above if you want to learn more about what you hear.