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Why it’s Important for Mental Health Professionals to Invest in Soundproofing

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If you are a mental health professional, you know how important it is to find the perfect office space. The space has to be comfortable for both you and your client, but many mental health professionals have their offices chock full of books, magazines, and even toys for younger patients. Aside from space and comfort, there’s one other thing that is crucial for any mental health professional to have in their office: soundproofing. There are many reasons why soundproofing is important for a mental health professionals, so let’s take a look at a few of them.

First, installing soundproofing in your office will help build your clients’ trust. Your patients will feel safe knowing no one will be able to hear them. It will give them a sense that anything said within the walls of the room will stay within those walls. An office without any soundproofing may cause a patient to hold back a little bit. You want your patients to be able to trust you, and if they know that no one will be able to hear them, you have a better chance of building that trust. Surfaces partially hinder sound waves going from one room to another. The 1% rule states that for every 1% of opening or unobstructed area of a surface, 50% of the sound will go through. Ordinary walls in a room aren’t enough to keep the sound in.

Another reason why soundproofing with decorative ceiling clouds is so important is that it will help improve efficiency and focus. Since soundproofing keeps everything within a room’s walls, it also means that outside noise won’t be able to make its way inside. You won’t be able to hear what’s happening in the lobby, you won’t be distracted by the outside streets, and you’ll be able to focus solely on your client and their needs. You will have the quiet you need to be able to help your client get the help they are searching for.

One final reason why soundproofing with decorative ceiling clouds can really help you as a mental health professional is that it will allow you to stand apart from your competitor. Imagine being a patient going into an office and realizing that everything from the outside can be heard from the inside and vice versa. You probably wouldn’t feel safe and you probably wouldn’t want to choose that office. Your soundproofing will differentiate you between Dr. Bob down the road.

Soundproofing the walls and ceilings in your mental health professional office is crucial for many reasons. You can even spice up the look of the room with decorative ceiling clouds, wall systems, and sound blocking panels. And if you have any questions about soundproofing, contact ArmCom today.