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Impact Protection Materials: Stability & Beauty

high impact flooring

As a business owner you have invested a lot of time and effort into creating a brand and a service or product to establish a steady stream of customers. If you are like most business owners who have the responsibility of maintaining a building, you have probably discovered just how visual your customers can be. It is true that the first impression is the lasting impression, but it is also true that the appearance of your establishment can either help you keep or drive away loyal customers.

Considerations for Impact Protection Materials

If you are considering constructing a new building or remodeling your current location, you should think about integrating materials that protect against impact into your design. Generally, when a building product distributor or other construction professionals mention impact protection materials, the average person thinks of materials that are used to satisfy building codes and regulations. Some of these materials include:

  • Permanent pull down shutters
  • Double paned insulating glass
  • Roof tie down clips
  • Impact resistant doors

Although impact protection materials are used to construct buildings and homes, these types of materials are also used in very visible ways on the inside of structures as well, to not only protect walls and floors, but also to help maintain their beauty and keep them looking new. If you are the owner of a restaurant you know that the daily traffic of customers and staff walking across your floor can quickly make a new floor look worn. The type of flooring that you choose could make a big difference in terms of how much work it might take to maintain the appearance of your floor.

Terrazzo High Impact Flooring

Terrazzo is making a comeback in the world of high impact flooring. Although it was once deemed too expensive by most people who were looking to install new flooring, there are many who are considering the material because of its durability, low maintenance and its cost effectiveness due to the fact that it is a material that once installed can last for many years. One of the most attractive features about this type of flooring in the fact that you can select sheets of varying lengths and widths to customize your project. That means that you can arrange and design it to enhance any existing decor that you might already have in place.

Other Uses for Impact Protection Materials

Other areas where you may consider using impact protection materials are your walls and the corners of your building. You consider the families that come in with young children. Sure most parents have pretty good control of their children, but you never know when a child may have a moment and decide to draw on a wall with a Crayon. Think about using products that are durable and can be easily cleaned. Also, if you have some tight spaces in your building that take some maneuvering to get in and out of, materials that cover and protect corners and door frames from wheelchairs, strollers and dollies could do a lot to help keep your establishment looking its best.