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Canopy Ceilings: Cost Effective, Eye-Catching Design

Prime real estate is rarely defined by the state of its ceiling, yet the pleasant aesthetics of a ceiling can improve the overall look of the building as well as mood and morale. Completely remodeling a ceiling is expensive and time-consuming. Consider Canopy Ceilings. Utilizing a canopy ceiling ensures that your ceiling will not only have a modern look and eye-catching design but you won’t be breaking the bank. Learn more about ArmCom’s canopy ceiling installation.

Save Money in Your Renovation Budget

Using canopy ceilings saves you money in two ways.

  1. Installing a canopy ceiling is less expensive than redoing the entire ceiling.
  2. Did your business buy a warehouse or other industrial building with the plan to convert it? Chances are, your ceiling is unsightly and covered with pipes and other HVAC lines. A ceiling canopy will be able to cover these unsightly pipes without having to reroute any of the prior elements.
  3. Did you opt for new construction? Start with a canopy ceiling and you’ll save time (and money) by doing it right the first time.

Design is Unique and Customized to You

Let’s face it – plain ceilings are boring. Unfinished ceilings are even worse! Install a canopy ceiling and you’ll be pleased with your contemporary, attractive ceiling. Each canopy ceiling and installation is designed with your building, restaurant, theatre, or office in mind, which means that your new ceiling is going to reflect the overall brand of your space.

More Than Just Good Looks

Our ceilings are more than just good looks; they serve two functional purposes:
1. A good-looking ceiling boosts the overall aesthetics, which in turn boosts the mood and productivity of anyone lingering in your space.

2. Canopy ceilings offer improved sound wave travel. They increase noise refraction, which means sounds waves won’t bounce from wall to wall causing echoes.

Easy Installation

Our installation is nothing like a major renovation – which means there is little interruption to your place of business.

Ready to save money, improve the look of your space, and boost the morale of employees and clients alike? If you are,  then contact us today!