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Impact Graphics & Decorative Wall Solutions using the new

BlueSky Advanced Finishing System

Looking for ways to brand a space, way-find through a facility, provide artwork, create high-end material visuals without the high-end price AND durability? Then check out the newest graphic technology available from Marlite.

Endless Wall Options:

  • Any image. Any pattern. Any color. Bring designs to life.
  • Several substrates to choose from including: Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP), High Density Fiberboard (HDF), Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), Expanded PVC, Acrylic and virtually anything flat.

Quality You Can See:

  • Clarity combined with vivid, eye-popping color creates images so crisp and detailed it looks like the real thing. This sophisticated printing process can provide up to 600 dpi (the human eye can detect about 300 dpi).

No Minimums:

  • Order one panel or more.

Unbeatable Value:

  • Replicate high-end materials like leather, marble, wood and more without the high-end material costs.

Fast & On-Demand:

  • Transform a space overnight without disrupting facility operations and customers: no fumes, no chipped tiles and no grout to clean and save money on installation.


  • Water-based coating, no VOC inks and low temperature UV curing process that uses less energy to produce an even more durable surface.

Let’s Go:

  • Create your design. Select your substrate. Order your sample.

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