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Building a New Office? Focus On Soundproofing

acoustic ceiling clouds

If you have the option to build your own office or workspace, you should go for it. Working inside someone else’s building can lead to some serious problems if you don’t feel like abiding by whatever rules they have in place. There are other issues with working in a rented office space as well. Maybe…

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Why You Need Professional Soundproofing and What Shouldn’t Be Used

marlite wall panels

Soundproofing is used in many different places. It’s used in audio studios, television studios, or other sound production spaces. While it may be used in different places, the purpose of the soundproofing is the same. Soundproofing is used to keep noise inside a specific area. It’s also used to keep outside noise out of that…

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Soundproofing: How to Improve the Quality of Your YouTube Videos

soundproofing wall panels

One of the most popular career choices for people recently is YouTube. Many successful YouTubers end up making enough money with the platform that they can pay for their house, cars, and other expenses. While it can be hard to find success in such a wide community, there are some things you can do to…

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3 Ways to Show Your Employees You Care About Their Well-Being

sound absorbing ceiling panels

As a business owner, manager, president, or CEO, it’s important to show your employees you care. This doesn’t just mean showing them that you care in terms of their position within the company, but it also means showing them that you care in the case of their well-being. In order to show your employees that…

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How to Effectively Reduce Indoor Swimming Pool Noise

fiberglass reinforced plastic

  Whether you’re a regular swimmer or not, it’s safe to assume you’ve been to an indoor pool at some point in your life. And if there’s one thing you remember about that experience, it’s probably the amount of noise present in the natatorium (indoor pool facility). This is especially true if you manage a…

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3 Ways to Spice Up the Look and Functionality of Your Office

suspended ceiling clouds

  When you work in an office, most of your days are spent looking at the same walls, the same ceilings, and spending time with the same people. Many office spaces can seem boring and dull, which can ultimately hinder one’s creativity. There are many ways in which a business owner can spice up the…

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Ceiling Clouds: What Are They and How Are They Used?

decorative ceiling clouds

One out of every eight people in the United States ages 12 years and older experience hearing loss in both of their ears. This isn’t good, but there are things that can be done to reduce noise and reduce the number of people with hearing loss. There are many types of acoustic paneling that can…

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Product Highlight: Introducing Our New Line of EzoBoard

For many schools, businesses, workspaces, and offices, having a source of sound absorption on walls can be very important for productivity and focus. It’s also an important piece of equipment that can aid in protecting employee’s and student’s hearing. About 15% of Americans, or 26 million people between the ages of 20 and 69, have…

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Product Highlight: All About Marlite FRP Panels

Marlite FRP Panels

You may be familiar with the standard wall paneling that helps reduce noise levels in businesses across the country. Noise at a level of 85 decibels and beyond for an extended period of time puts you at risk for hearing loss, so many companies tend to use sound insulation panels to protect employees.   But…

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Product Highlight: Introducing Our New Line of TECTUM Products

sound insulating panels

College classes are back in session, so it’s time for many students to hit the books and get back on track with their education. Whether the student is taking classes in a lecture hall or a smaller classroom, it’s very important for them to focus on what the professor is saying without being distracted by…

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