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How Acoustical Ceiling Tiles Can Help Your Office

acoustical ceiling tiles

When it comes to having a productive office and happy employees, sound matters more than you may think. Offices are compiled of many different people who may not all work the exact same way. Some employees can work and talk all day long while others may need complete silence. It’s tough to tell people to…

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How to Care For Your Ceiling Tiles and What to Do if They Need Replacing

acoustic ceiling tiles

Unless you use acoustic ceiling tiles in your office for decor purposes, you probably don’t take the time to stare at the ceiling every day.The only way you would probably notice them is if an issue were to arise (or fall). Even though you probably don’t take the time to pay attention to these architectural…

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What Are The Advantages Of Using Metal Ceiling Products?

reduce sound

One of the most common types of materials used for commercial ceilings is drywall. However, drywall doesn’t have the biggest wow factor if you’re looking to have your business stand apart from the crowd when your clients walk in through the door. Metal ceiling products are unique and can fit a wide variety of decorating…

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3 Materials You Shouldn’t Use When Soundproofing

soundproofing a room

  If you’re doing work in the music industry or making YouTube videos, soundproofing is 100% crucial. In fact, 173,300 people worked as musicians in 2014, so having a quiet space is important for their job. When soundproofing a room, some people think that you can literally use any material on the market. While there…

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Interesting Facts About Sound and Soundproofing

sound blocking panels

Sound blocking panels might be used for a recording studio, in a classroom, in hospitals, or in homes. While we all might know the basics of soundproofing, there are so many random facts about sound and soundproofing you may have never thought about before. First, exposure to any sound louder than 85 decibels for a prolonged…

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How You Can Help a Person With Autism Deal with Loud Noises

wall system

There are certain sounds out there that can be extremely annoying to any of us. It can especially impact those of us with hearing loss. One in eight people in the United States ages 12 years or older has hearing loss in both ears. While those noises seem irritating to us, they might be ten…

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Sound Absorbing and Sound Blocking:What’s the Difference?

soundproofing a room

If you’re soundproofing a room, you’ve probably looked online for what to do. While looking up what you need to do and who you need to contact, you’ve probably been faced with two words that seem very similar. Those two words are absorption and blocking. You might think these two terms mean the exact same…

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Building a New Office? Focus On Soundproofing

acoustic ceiling clouds

If you have the option to build your own office or workspace, you should go for it. Working inside someone else’s building can lead to some serious problems if you don’t feel like abiding by whatever rules they have in place. There are other issues with working in a rented office space as well. Maybe…

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Why You Need Professional Soundproofing and What Shouldn’t Be Used

marlite wall panels

Soundproofing is used in many different places. It’s used in audio studios, television studios, or other sound production spaces. While it may be used in different places, the purpose of the soundproofing is the same. Soundproofing is used to keep noise inside a specific area. It’s also used to keep outside noise out of that…

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