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3 Ways Too Much Noise Can Affect Your Office

acoustic ceiling tiles

No matter where you work, acoustics can have a huge impact on the overall productivity, efficiency, and success of your business. Have you ever been in a restaurant that was so loud you were unable to concentrate on what your friends were saying because of the amount of noise around you? The same problem can…

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The Benefits of Acoustical Ceiling Tiles

Acoustic ceiling tile

Acoustic ceiling tiles are not only for music studios or large auditoriums! They can create a significant difference in your home, especially if you work from home. Everyone knows how difficult it can be to concentrate with lots of noise going on around you. If you are in an apartment or living in a building…

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Noise Induced Hearing Loss: How Can Acoustic Ceiling Products Help

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Certain sounds can be particularly dangerous. Unfortunately, even community noise can be detrimental to your health. Some of the adverse health effects can include cardiovascular issues and learning deficits. Studies have shown that the likeliness of heart disease increases if community noise levels rise above as little as 40 decibels (dB). Because noise levels are…

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3 Acoustic Ceiling Ideas For Modern Design

acoustic ceiling installation

Acoustic ceiling installation is important for any building that wants to improve its overall sound. The main benefit of using quality acoustic building products for acoustic ceiling installation is the safety factor in regards to hearing loss. Roughly one in eight people over the age of 12 in the United States — 30 million people…

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Exposure to Extremely Loud Noises Can Cause Serious Hearing Issues

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Hearing loss is a serious issue that affects far too many people in the United States. Extremely loud noises can cause hearing loss issues in people of all ages, but hearing problems certainly increase with age. Roughly 15% of American people, which equates to 26 million, between the ages of 20 and 69 years old…

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Running a Music Venue? Beware of These 3 Common Mistakes

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Music venues will always have their place in the industry. In 2014, roughly 173,300 people were working as paid musicians, and paid musicians will always need venues to play their gigs. If you’re thinking about running a music venue, there are a few common mistakes you should know about and avoid at all costs. You…

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Musicians: How To Soundproof Your Studio, Garage or Practice Room

acoustic building products

As of 2014, roughly 173,300 people worked as musicians. And thanks to the advent of new music technology, that number is significantly increasing. Now, even people without access to industry insiders can produce high quality, potentially even award-winning music, with just a home studio and the instrument of their choice. Even though it’s easier than…

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Cost Effective & Attractive Building Material Options

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The interior is the heart and soul to any building. It is what transforms it into an excellent living and working space. The gypsum tiles, ceilings, and the acoustic tiles give it form, from a dull uninviting dungeon to a lively space with defined personal style. ArmCom Distributing has been in the business for over…

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Increasing Workspace Productivity with Acoustical Baffles

acoustical baffles

An open space is meant to encourage the communication and connections between your employees, but at times there can be too much crossover between departments and people when it comes to people’s habits. Baffles help with the reverberation sounds and vibrations in establishments like restaurants, pools and gyms, but they can be effectively used in…

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