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Acoustical Wall Panels – Dual Purpose Design

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Absorption Plus® Acoustical Panels


Collaboration areas, hard surface and open floor plans to promote and increase communication and knowledge transfer is proving to be the design norm, making acoustics more vital than ever.

There are many acoustical solutions and products available to help address noise issues and sound transfer. With budgets typically being a concern, businesses are continually looking for ways to save money and dual-purpose design is one way to help your client save money.

Acoustical wall panels are available in endless options from simple and practical to colorful and extravagant. Dual purpose design options with Acoustical Wall Panels can include: tackable, abuse resistant, moisture resistant properties as well as a creative focal point. They can be designed using different materials, colors, edge details, shapes, custom graphics and more.

We offer a variety of acoustical wall panels that are both functional and design friendly for any space. We are here to help model your space and provide guidance on solutions to help solve any acoustical issues or concerns. Give us a call today.

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