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Ceiling Clouds: From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Too often with interior design, the ceiling is an afterthought. Great creativity goes into designing the rest of the space, including great lighting and everything else, only to relegate the ceiling to 2 x 2 mineral fiber tiles running along an equally mundane metal grid. It is the same ole, same ole. You just hope everyone focuses on the rest of the space and never looks up at the ceiling. However, it does not have to be that way. In fact, the ceiling, thanks to the advent and growing popularity of acoustical ceiling clouds, offers a fresh opportunity to do more than simply address function. Ceiling clouds can make the top part of a room a focal point in a positive way. And, with the help of ArmCom, you can make your ceilings much more attractive than you may have imagined without breaking the bank.

Ceiling Clouds Provide Function & Form

The idea of associating ceiling tiles with cutting-edge aesthetics used to be hard to imagine—if you gave it much thought at all. However, ceiling clouds and canopies—also known as acoustical accent clouds—have given rise to many more design options that used to be available. Their primary reason for being is to provide great acoustics. But cloud accents—available in a variety of shapes and colors—deliver a fresh look that can be unique to each application. The ceiling becomes to be pleased with rather than an afterthought. Clouds and canopies can be curved or flat, and they can be used in just small portions to bring focus to a space, to add a special accent, or as an application from wall to wall.

A Great Option for New Construction

For new builds, ceiling clouds and canopies give you the chance to do the job right the first time. It is another opportunity to be creative and to avoid having to later say, “The space looks great. I just wish we had given more attention to the ceiling.” Ceiling clouds mean you can avoid such regrets by giving any space an aesthetic twist from top to bottom. It can mean the different between incompleteness and tying every aspect of a room together seamlessly.

Spice Up Renovations (And Cover Up the Ugly Stuff!)

In addition to their great look, ceiling cloud tiles do wonders in renovations because of their ability to cover up the ugly parts of old construction, including electrical, plumbing, HVAC hardware, ductwork, and other equipment and materials better not seen or heard. Ceiling clouds can also add a special look that is often missing in many room facelifts. Even better, they can do so for less than the cost of replacing an entire ceiling.

As a building product distributor for generations, ArmCom has vast experience in helping address special design challenges like those you may face. We will match you with a ceiling cloud expert on our staff, who will walk you through the vast array of options. We will show you examples of installations similar to what you would like to accomplish. And we can help you find a design that works within your budget.

Our mission is pretty simple: We intend to give you complete confidence that you will receive more than what you expect. In fact, we want you to be so delighted that you will wish you had made the move to ceiling clouds sooner. When you are ready to discuss your project, please contact us today!