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5 Good Reasons to Soundproof Your Home

soundproof wall panels

At one point or another, most of us wish we had just a little more peace and quiet. A lot of people don’t realize how much their lives could be improved with even minimal soundproofing. But you don’t have to live next door to an airport or fire department to benefit from sound insulation panels.

Noise pollution isn’t just annoying, it’s bad for your health. Here’s a disturbing statistic: In areas where community noise levels often rise above 40 decibels, the incidence of heart disease goes up, according to a 2007 study published in the Southern Medical Journal.

Fortunately, soundproof wall panels and acoustic wall coverings are simple additions that are surprisingly easy to make. Not only are they affordable, but they’re versatile, too. You can use acoustic building products to improve numerous noise issues within the interior of your home. If you’ve never given much consideration to introducing sound insulation panels or acoustic ceiling products in your home, here are five common reasons people finally decide to invest in soundproofing.

You can benefit from sound insulation panels if…

  • You are a musician

    A recent study showed that about two out of every five musicians and singers were self-employed. Understandably, many of our clients are professional musicians or amateur music-lovers who need to practice at home. Whether you’re a violinist with the local philharmonic orchestra or you’re starting up an Appalachian-folk-dance-punk band, you could definitely use some sound wall panels and acoustical ceiling accessories to make sure your practicing doesn’t disturb your neighbors. Soundproofing can also keep unwanted noise from the outside where it belongs, letting you practice in peace.

  • You have an entertainment space

    If you have a den, a “man cave,” a home theatre, a play room, or any room where you entertain, sound wall panels can make a huge difference. If you love action movies, video games, or love hosting parties, soundproofing can make your entertainment space more comfortable for you and the rest of the household. And after you soundproof your space, you won’t have to hide away with headphones.

  • You work from home

    If you are able to work in your home office, you need a quiet space to do your job. Having young children, pets, or loud neighbors can make it difficult to concentrate — unless you have your office soundproofed. This is especially important for those who use technical equipment for our jobs. If voice overs, video recording, composition, or meetings via phone or video are part of your job description, having a soundproofed room is a must.

  • You have noisy neighbors

    On the opposite end of the spectrum, it might not even be you who’s making all the noise! If you live in close proximity to your neighbors and they happen to be rather noisy, it can be difficult to relax in your own home. You don’t have to suffer when your neighbor is singing at the top of her lungs or a large family with a young infant moves in next door. You can probably guess where this is going: Soundproof wall panels and ceiling clouds can make you feel at ease in your home again.

  • You live in a loud area

    Living near the highway, train tracks, the subway, loud construction, or bars and restaurants can seriously impact your tranquility. If city buses, sirens, jackhammers, horn honks, or garbage trucks wake you up on a daily basis, you will benefit from soundproofing

Above all, you should feel comfortable in your own home. Soundproof wall panels and ceiling accessories can help make that dream a reality. Contact us today to find out about the many soundproofing options we offer.