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3 Materials You Shouldn’t Use When Soundproofing

soundproofing a room


If you’re doing work in the music industry or making YouTube videos, soundproofing is 100% crucial. In fact, 173,300 people worked as musicians in 2014, so having a quiet space is important for their job.

When soundproofing a room, some people think that you can literally use any material on the market. While there are so many options out there, some things are much better quality than others. Some materials are completely pointless for you to use. Here are some soundproofing materials that you should definitely avoid.

Egg Containers
If you plan on soundproofing a room with cardboard egg holders or egg crates as a wall system, kick your thought right to the curb. There are so many people out there who decide they want to use the specific material to soundproof a room, thinking that it will do the trick. However, that isn’t the case at all. The material actually has holes in it, which allows the sound to pass right through them. This doesn’t really do anything if you’re planning on soundproofing a room. If the noise escapes, the noise will definitely come on in.

Another material you should 100% stay away from are old mattresses. Many people use old mattresses and staple them to the wall as a form of sound absorption. Even though this does have some potential, the negatives actually outweigh the positives. Unfortunately, with old mattresses, you’re risking a lot of health issues. They can accumulate moisture, which will eventually create mold. This isn’t good to have in a room where people are expected to use their lungs frequently.

One final sound wall panels material that you should stay away from are hay bales. While hay bales actually may offer some soundproofing benefits, putting them on your walls is a big risk. For example, if the hay comes in contact with something hot, it actually might catch fire. It’s also a great hiding space for critters. And don’t even get us started on allergies.

Sound blocking is extremely helpful for people looking to create art or eliminate sound distortion. Even though many materials seem like they’ll be perfect for the job, you should stick to high quality soundproofing panels from a reliable provider. For more information on proper soundproofing, contact ArmCom today.