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3 Acoustic Ceiling Ideas For Modern Design

acoustic ceiling installation

Acoustic ceiling installation is important for any building that wants to improve its overall sound. The main benefit of using quality acoustic building products for acoustic ceiling installation is the safety factor in regards to hearing loss. Roughly one in eight people over the age of 12 in the United States — 30 million people — has hearing loss in both ears. To prevent further damaging people’s ears or causing initial damage, the acoustic ceiling materials used to align a ceiling must be high quality.

Some of these acoustic ceiling tiles have a strong retro look associated with them, which can cause problems for building designers if they’re trying to maintain a modern look. There are, however, a few ways that acoustic ceiling panels can be used for a modern design.

Associating ceiling tiles with contemporary design methods is difficult, but certain acoustic building products have given rise to much more design flexibility. Although the primary use is to provide great acoustics for the building’s interior, they can also deliver a cutting-edge look. Here are a few ways how acoustic ceiling products can provide a great modern aesthetic.

  1. Ceiling Clouds — Ceiling clouds provide an exceptional look that is both classy and eccentric. These clouds can make the top part of any room the topic of conversation between guests of any social event and the focal point of just about any building.
  2. Canopy Ceilings — Perhaps the most state-of-the-art ceiling design available today, canopy ceilings are both cost friendly and attention-grabbing. You can have the canopy ceiling design process be tailored specifically to you and your building and stay in line with exactly what you’re trying to accomplish. Whether you’re trying to have a minimalist layout throughout your building, or want an eye-catching layout, canopy ceilings can help.
  3. Experiment With Color — Rather than having the same bland white ceiling as the majority of buildings around the country, why not get creative with the color scheme. You don’t have to have a lot of colors to achieve a creative look, however, but opting to use shades of green, a mix of beige and black, or variants of red on the ceiling can give your building a modern look that impresses anyone who walks in.

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